Horoscope 2021- The Year of hope

After the terrible year 2020, we all are looking towards 2021 with a big hope and want to embrace 2021 with open arms. We all think and believe that 31st night 00.00 midnight everything will change. Definitely Numerologically, things will change as we will move from Rahu effect to Mercury effect. So now we can overcome troubles with our wit. Use your intellect I this year and get success.

Looking back, the year 2020 started off with a horrible blaze in Australia killing  more than 480 million mammals , birds and reptiles. Further the pandemic of Covid-19 took the charge and the story of the year was wide open killing more than 1.7 Millions of people worldwide. World Economy almost collapsed,  job losses are at its peak and several sectors witnessed a doom. Natural disasters further followed in different parts of the sphere, leading to further bloodbath. India witnessed floods, cyclones, earthquakes, and a bloody border confrontation which did not stop even when human life is at stake.

All this reminds me of Mahabharat in which more than 1.5 billion people died but it happened and our great Vishnu Avtaar Krishna could not stop it. Even Dwarka founded by super genius Krishna was submerged under the sea. Duryodhan was within the divine range of Lord Krishna but remained unaffected because that was his destiny. 

All this does not mean our eternal everlasting hero Krishna Kanahiya failed,  it is just to confirm that Nature, Stars, Karmas are beyond everything. The great Krishna always reminded us “Jaisa Karam Karega vaisa Phal dega Bhagwan” .  Shiva can bless evil Bhasmasur with the ultimate power to burn up with his touch at the same time he could destroy Bhasmasur also through his Mohini form.

 We all have to understand that we have to improve our self deeds and come out of this Birth and death cycle.  We need to come out of the fear of everything and work in the emancipation of mankind.

Astrology is nothing but a pseudoscience that interprets and comprehends the divine information about human affairs and terrestrial events by studying the movements and relative positions of celestial objects. It existed and dated from 2nd Millenium BCE  (Jan-2000 to Dec-1001) as per the records of global leaders of the world. While as per our records, Vedic Astrology  existed wayback from 3rd century BC   and has been instrumental in setting up the calendrical systems and celestial shifts.

Astrology doesn’t do magic or has any supernatural system as some feel it to be, Astrology can guide you to create your calendar in such a way that you can move towards the path of enlightenment.  Every Soul has its own cycle and each one of us is carrying the same within this physical body thinking to be the master of that soul. We all need to understand the circle of light and dark and act accordingly.

Astrology helps us to know the ‘good’ times and ‘not good’ times so that we can make the best calendar of life. An industry does not become successful only by producing the MAX but also by maintaining the machinery as and when required. Similarly we all have to understand the Productive and Maintenance time frames of our life and act accordingly to maximize the results of our life.

Below you will find the a calendar developed for you all as per your Lagna/ Moon sign to understand the year 2021 in accordance with the celestial movements. It is a bit general as we cannot claim it to work 100% on each one born under the same sign. But it can definitely indicate the likely good and bad effects on masses, similar to weather which can be felt similarly by people living in a particular Geographical location. It is definitely possible that at the temperature of 100 C some may feel excessive cold and some might find it normal. So it depends a lot on individual’s capacity and resistance.

  Wishing you all a very Happy Peaceful and Healthy year 2021,

HOROSCOPE 2021 – The Year of Hope, Health and Happiness

Remedies, Individual sign, Monthwise and Mundane Astrology to follow soon…