Horoscope 2023- The Year of Restoration

Year 2023 from the eyes of an astrologer seems to bring a new hope of achievements, success and restoration of the lost identity, plans and procurement. 

With Jupiter and Saturn well settled in their own signs indicates that all the storms and hurricanes in the life of common man will now come to stand still. The business will grow globally. Time for all of us to rebuild the path of success in the 2023.  

Saturn will play a key role in bringing the smoothness in life with transiting in Aquarius from 17th January onwards. We will see technology at the forefront of all growth in the year 2023. Jupiter transits in the sign of Pisces where it confirms that there are no more chances of pandemic in the real form in the near future. Although Mars is stuck in Taurus for almost 6 months and continuing to stay in Taurus till March indicates that the fluctuation with reference to disease, infection will exist to some extent in the initial quarter of the year 2023. 

Later from 22nd April 2023 the movement of Jupiter in Aries will bring few changes as per Indian Astrology principles. Rahu & Ketu will continue their run in Aries & Ketu aspecting and afflicting Jupiter to some extent. The combination of Jupiter & Rahu forming chandaal yoga shows that to succeed we need to check our Karmas.

Aries- 2020

Remedies, Individual sign, Monthwise and Mundane Astrology to follow soon…