Punam, Your friend is born in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra with Gemini rising and Moon placed in Leo. Presently he is undergoing Mars dasha and Saturn Antardasha ending in Jan’2018.

As per his horoscope, his major problem is his weak Mars whose dasha is going on and normally debilitated Mars leads to lethargy. The person has big plans but weak implementation.  the other factor is that he is undergoing weak Antardasha due to which even the fate is not very supportive.

The good thing is that from Jan 2018 onwards he will have a much better period and this will help him to regain his position, growth and fate to receive some good Opportunities. But still he has to strengthen his Mars to execute better.

He should wear a copper bracelet and worship Lord Hanuman every Tuesday and Satruday. If he can chant SunderKaand things will drastically change for him. He should also wear an emerald to strengthen his Ascendant.

Our best wishes,

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