• Saturn-Mars-Rahu and their combination either through aspects or conjunction
  • The main houses involved are 6-8-12 and their lords.
  • Rahu and Saturn indulge in violence and mass killings and find pleasure in it.
  • Rahu – Mars, Rahu – Saturn, Saturn – Mars combination especially, in 10th house without any strong benefic influences produce dreaded criminals or anti-socials.
  • Bandhan Yoga also takes place if Ascendant Lord is combust and Sun debilitated  denotes prolonged hospitalization in the period and sub period of evil and weak planets.
  • 6th lord and Ascendant Lord conjunction in a Quadrant or Trine house with Saturn and Rahu also cause suffering due to confinement mainly through hospitalization or imprisonment.
  • 6th lord and 8th lord combined in a Quadrant or Trine house of a horoscope with Saturn and Rahu may lead to fatal accident and prolonged hospitalization. Some time this evil yoga leads to amputation of one’s limb as a last resort of life saving measure.
  • Combine influence of 6th lord and Saturn on Ascendant or Ascendant Lord. Death like suffering due to unnecessary humiliation, and helplessness, This leads to Health problem and imprisonment due to inability to repay the debts for utter financial insolvency.
  • Rahu in 12th house prompt a person develop the compulsive habits of alcoholic consumption.
  • Rahu when influence Moon makes a person compulsive drunkard leading him to a situation of bankruptcy through drinking or other immoral means.
  • Any evil planetary combination having participation of Mars would make him violent in expression of his sadistic pleasure.
  • Rahu – Mars – Saturn in mutual quadrants emanates strong indication for imprisonment.
  • 6th lord – 8th lord and Rahu together or in aspect involvement of 12th house or its lord sends one to jail.
  • Saturn – Mars – Rahu (any two) associated in a 6th, 8th or 12th house with there lord leads to the chances of unnatural death due to fire, explosion, etc.
  • Ketu associated with 10th lord in 6,8,12th  house is one of the worst combinations for life, career and stability.

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