Every woman should take into consideration three rising signs, the one at the time of birth, the other rising sign at the time of First Menses and the third at the time when she has first sexual contact with Man.

The first Menses in a girl should be noted and reviews on the basis of the following details given below

A particular attention is to be given to the appearance of the first Menses to be able to make correct future predictions about the girl and all her prospects in life.

When Moon is not in upachayas, i.e. 3,6,10 and 11 and when the Lagna is powerfully aspected by Kuja the appearance of first Menses should be predicted.

Effects of Tithies or Lunar Days

If the first Menses occurs on:

  1. Padyami(Pratipada-1st) – Issueless
  2. Dvitiya(2nd)- Little happiness, negativity

Inauspicious times for the appearance of the First Menses

  1. Amavasya or the New-moon day
  2. Rikta Tithies (4th, 9th, 14th Tithi)

Results of Weekdays

  1. Sunday- Will suffer from many diseases.
  2. Monday- Virtuous and good, etc

Auspicious Constellations/Nakshatra

  1. Hasta,
  2. Chitta, etc

Evil Constellastions

  1. Pubba,
  2. Poorvashadha, etc

Results of Months

  1. Chaitra- Widowhood
  2. Vaisakha- Blessed with wealth, children

Pakshaphala or the Results of the two Halves of Lunar Months

  1. Bright half- Wealth, prosperous

Special Influence of Constellations

  1. Aswini – widowhood
    Bharani – many daughters
    Krithika- harmful for sons
    Rohini – enjoyments
    Mrigashira – gains
    Ardra – bad company
    Punarvasu- no marriage
    Pushya – royal comforts
    Aslesha – loss of sons
    Magha – many sons
    P.Phalguni – fortunate
    U.Phalguni – diseases
    Hasta – monetary gains
    Chitra – comforts
    Svati – heart disease
    Visakha – loss of wealth
    Anuradha – comforts
    Jyeshta – polyandry
    Mula- widowhood
    P.Ashada – prosperity
    U.Ashada – comforts
    Sravana – abundance of ornaments
    Dhanishta – all enjoyments
    Satabhishak – all enjoyments
    P.Bhadrapada- first child female
    U.Bhadrapada – prosperity
    Revati – comforts from husband

Inauspicious Times for the First Appearance of Menses in a Girl

  1. Sunrise and Sunset twilights
  2. Times of eclipses

Results of Yogas

  1. If the first Menses appear in Vishkambha- Disease in sexual organs
  2. Ganda- Barrenness, etc

Results of Karanas

  1. Bhava- Issueless or a widow
  2. Balava- Will have children.

Influences of Time

  1. Morning- Happy and prosperous
  2. Before noon- Visiting sacred shrines and holy rivers, etc

Results of the Zodiacal Signs

  1. Based on the rising sign ( lagnam )

    Mesha – poverty
    Rishabha – increase in livestock
    Mithuna – lust
    Karka – immorality
    Simha – many sons
    Kanya – many daughters
    Tula – will do business
    Vrischika – immorality
    Dhanus – harmful for husband
    Makara – pleasing talk
    Kumbha – auspicious for both parental and marital home
    Meena – wealth

The Influence of Places on the Appearance of the First Menses

  1. If the time of puberty falls in Mesha, Simha or Kanya, the menses appeared outside the town;
  2. In Vrishabha in places where cattle are kept,


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