Horoscope 2022-Aries

Aries Horoscope 2022
Aries is the sign of courage and spontaneity. The year 2022 for Aries born natives is going to be a turning year. You will get success in your career during this year. Now is the time to get paid for your hard work. New sources of income will open. Along with this, when it comes to health, there is a need to be a little cautious. Rahu will shift from your family house to your own house by March and this will release your financial crunch but at the same time it will make you desirous to achieve your milestones. Saturn will transit in a professional and Gain house which will be supportive. But Jupiter will shift from gain to house of expenses which will make things a little more harder. But Mars is supportive from the start. So overall rating for the year 2022 is 7.9/10
Career wise, 2022 is going to be great. The Professionals have to put in little extra effort but success is bound to come as Saturn is placed in the 10th and 11th house. You will be able to progress in your life only with your hard work and positive attitude, you will come out as a winner from even the most difficult situations. This year you will get your growth at work place, which will enhance your income and you will be able to plan your future better. This year will motivate you to work harder and achieve your milestones. Just remember that since Rahu is in your own house so do not leave the opportunity for a bigger opportunity.”Greed is Evil”
In the year 2022, the movement of stars will be favorable for you. This year will bring some good opportunities for you, which you will be able to take advantage of for better finances. You will enjoy life to the fullest and you will get a lot of profit from whatever work you do. You will also try to find some new sources of income, in which you will get success in the second half of the year. With your savings, you can also buy a new car by the end of the year. Finally, we can believe that finances are bound to improve but you know hard work is your bottomline for achievements. Charity will make a difference in the later half so do not miss the chance of charity. Some investment on pilgrimages will not harm you.
This year is going to be great for you. As the bonding within the family will increase, your good fortune will awaken. Love will grow within the family. Your life partner will walk hand in hand to support you in future planning. A new relationship can also initiate this year for those looking for it. Chances are also there to get a good marriage proposal. You and your family will be happy to have it. Just a point of caution once the Rahu will shift to your sign you will become slightly secretive and will be perceived as a bit roguish. So be clear in your approach. Don’t let doubts appear.
This year will be average from a health point of view. Ketu in your 7th house post March will upset your digestion and some acid formation which may lead to loss of appetite and fatty liver. This year is meant for hard work so obviously you may feel physically and mentaly fatigued. Nothing to worry much as you are courageous by default but as you know prevention is better than cure, it is advisable to take care of your health and avoid any carelessness. You will have minor health issues like toothache, blood pressure, cold and cough also. Although, if you share your horoscope for detailed analysis our astrologer may clarify better. Avoid fast food and fried food much. Daily walking or running can make things better for you. By the way, You are Hanuman Bhakt so obviously Hanuman Chalisa and Sunderkaand will keep you updated and charged.
Education is ruled by Sun for you and Sun is well placed for you indicating a successful year. This year students will get some great news. College going students will get good grades in their exams. Chances of campus interviews and qualifying the preliminary rounds is quite possible. You can get your dream company too. Youngsters will take inspiration from you to follow your guidelines as well as will take advice from you for their better future. This year is ideal for the students preparing for administrative services of IIT-JEE.

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