Horoscope 2022 – Taurus



Taureans are known for their dedication, diligence and devotion. In the year 2022, You will make the best efforts as business professionals. Also you will get good support from your partner. Just be more careful with your health as Ketu in your 6th house in the later half will create health problems. Presence of your key planet Saturn in your 9th and 10th house will keep you charged and boost you for the best efforts. Moreover, Jupiter’s presence in the house of gain in the later half will help you to do better in your career. Rahu in 12th house will take you to foriegn lands but at the same time it will also make unlawful expenses. You should just avoid being spendthrift..

Overall Rating for 2022 is 8.5/10


This year is going to be wonderful for you. If you are in the private sector then you will get new opportunities. This year is going to be excellent for employers as well as employees. Seniors will fully assist you in the work. You will impress the boss with your work, and the chances  for promotion will open up. But this year you need to be a little cautious, some people will not be happy with your progress. It would be good if you put all these aside and focus on your career. Backbiting will disturb you but do not worry, just try not to get into bad company. 


You have to be careful with finances as that is something which Rahu is going to affect. Finances and your Time both need to be planned well because Rahu will entice you to some new alluring projects and you need to stick to your plans. Before starting a new business, it will be better if you check your financial condition. A thoughtful decision will definitely bring you benefits. New sources of income will come in the second half of the year, as well as you will get a big deal, due to which you will have a good income by the end of the year. Overall, your financial condition is going to be in your favor in the year 2022. Your fortune will favor you in finances. 


During the year 2022, your marital relationship will remain average in the initial months but gradually it will become strong in the later half. The shift of Rahu and Ketu will ease your relationship within the family and with your partners too.  The harmony between the two will increase the sweetness in the relationship. Emotions can disturb you, just do not worry let them come and go and you try to remain cool for the first half. In the second half you will find all the fun and frolic in life. . In relationships,keep checking your emotions. The existing disputes will end within the family and relationships. With the joining of new beings in life the happiness will multiply and the family environment will also improve. Overall, your relationship will get new dimensions and new energy. .


This year is going to have mixed influences for you in matters related to health. You need to be careful if you have any chronic health problems like pain in your knees, stomach pain. Don’t be too careless this year, otherwise your health may deteriorate and may lead you into depression due to which there may be obstacles in your work. Control on your eating habits, avoid too much fast food, and fried food. Follow your medical checkups regularly and medication on time.  Keep on guarding against acidity and digestion. You do not believe in Yoga and meditation but this year Yoga will be the apt choice for healthy living..


This year Jupiter is aspecting your house of education and guiding you to be wise and intelligent in framing your study plans. If you manage to schedule well, results are bound to be in your favor. Saturn in the 9th house will create some hassles in higher education but again your diligence and dedication will help you to achieve success. You are quite good in making your diary notes, so keep your diary updated with all the important notes of your lesson plans. Students associated with banking and management will have to work a bit harder. While the Students associated with new technology will benefit.

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