Horoscope 2022-Gemini



Gemini is known for being social, talkative and innovative ideas. They can converse with anyone anywhere. Year 2022 for you can be a blessing in disguise because with so many uneventful things happening around you will make the best out of it and will move ahead in life happily. The Reason is obvious because Saturn the friendly planet will shift to the house of fate, Jupiter the planet of prosperity will shift to the house of profession and Rahu the ruler of kalyug is in the house of gains. So this year can be your dream year if you are really planning to initiate something big and beautiful. You are real dreamer and now is the year to convert your dream into reality. Be practical and think of material success this year. New venues will open out in education and profession. Grab them with both hands and do not think of past and future just stay in present and get the best out of it.


Career wise this year is fantastic for you in the later half of the year when Jupiter will shift to your house of profession. Those in the field of education, consultancy and law will find this year to be a dream year as lots of things will happen in your favor. So don’t waste time this year just bang on with proper planning and achieve whatever you have planned for yourself. Just keep in mind that anything that is not ethical will not get favors because Jupiter in your 10th house and Jupiter does not favor unethical or unscrupulous activities. This year your attention may wander a bit. Courage and focus are required to convert your dream into reality. With your hard work and positive behavior, you can definitely come out as the winner. Changing jobs  in the first half may not be the right decision. 


This year your financial situation will further improve post April after the shift of Jupiter. You will not need to worry about finances as finances will be arranged conveniently provided, you are planning something legitimate. If you are in business, you may plan to take a giant step towards some new dream project.  A tip of advice for you is that always consult your God Father or your Doremon whoever be matured reliable and confident of.  Caution is always good in the matter of finance. So in the first half at least be careful in investments. Investments in restaurants and food items will give good returns. 


This year your family and personal life will be Excellent. Your reputation and respect in the society will enhance. You may have to stay away from your spouse in the initial part of the year. But these distances will make your relationship even stronger. You can also plan for pilgrimage. Do not forget to spend some part of your earnings in charity as Jupiter energy will improve and in turn will generate better results. Spouses’ full support will be available in difficult situations. Lovemates will also get some memorable moments with each other this year. You are social by default so your friend circle will also improve. Overall, this year will bring a delightful atmosphere in your friend and family circles. Remember when you are with your family your focus should be 100% with your family members and when on  Job your focus should be on your task. Do not mix them for optimum results.  


Health in the year 2022 depends on your emotions. Avoid anger as much as possible as that will be a hindrance and obstacle for your good health. Anger and aggression can lead to problems like blood pressure, headache, lack of appetite etc. This can also abrupt your work area.  The elders of your family also need proper medical attention, so that you do not ignore that part too. Regular meditation and Yoga is the key to a healthy body and healthy mind. Worshiping Goddess Durga for good health and offering something to young lassies and toddlers will get you positive energy .


This year is going to be nothing less than a boon for students. In the year 2022, you will get the benefit of studies in every way. If your project is related to social sciences, you will get better success. This year you will be able to guide well to your juniors also. This year is also going to be great for the students who are studying abroad or far off from their homeland. You will get many new and good experiences, from which you will get to learn a lot. Overall a wonderful year for all scholars. Make the use of Saturnine energy in performing as an outstanding pupil. Best wishes for the year 2022.  

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