Weekly Horoscope from 23rd Jan to 29th Jan 2022

The annual solar transit will enter the air sign of Aquarius, and Mercury is also in that sign. Since Mercury is retrograding, so you can expect some changes in the long term projects. Please be very careful with your team settings and friendships. If you are dealing with the masses, you should be very careful. Otherwise, there will be issues from the groups. This is also a time to meet with old friends and teammates. You will have work in the past projects when Mercury is slow down, so you will have a lot of rework in the existing projects.During this phase, you may get new job offer someone may give you a new business idea, but this is not an ideal time for fresh starts. Please wait until Mercury goes direct. You will be working on international projects as well. This is not safe for business owners, so they should not take up solo decisions. Your children will also have to go through some challenges, so they will need your more love and care too. Elder siblings and relatives will be getting involved in your life during this week. Those who work in technical and charity related domain will have some projects. You will be very busy and there are chances for some mistakes in workVenus is also slowing down, and that will bring work concerns. This planet will impact family matters, so you will have to be careful with your family members. Real estate projects may go slow, which is quite natural during this phase. At work, you should be cautious as there will be a delay and you should not be upset about that. You have to take care of your diet as well as your health. Please don’t hurry to accept new job calls while Venus and Mercury are retrograding. It will be good if you wait until both the planets go direct. You will have to be careful with the health and happiness of elderly members in the family and you have to give them enough support.

The weekly horoscope for Taurus indicates a lot of focus on your career and family. The Sun and Mercury will be impacting the career, and Mercury is in a slow down mode. The retrogression mode will bring some career concerns. Please don’t be in a hurry to take any decisions regarding career and home. When Mercury goes in a slow down mode, you will naturally make mistakes at work or a delay at work. So, plan well and take enough time to complete your projects. If you get new job calls, it will be good to delay your decision making and wait until Mercury goes direct. During this week, you will be having a lot of communication with your managers, but you should foresee some challenges.Venus is also in a slow down mode, impacting your foreign collaborations. Since Venus is not in a good mode, there are chances for long trips. It will be good if you have a backup plan. Otherwise, there will be travel issues. This is a good time for students to restart their studies and update their skills. You may even go for spiritual retreats as well. This is a good time for spiritual growth. Projects from foreign lands can also come up during this phase. Altogether, this is a busy week, and media-related projects will also be coming up.

Mercury, your ruler, is in a slow down mode, and it is conjuncting the Sun. So, the weekly horoscope for Gemini shows minor physical issues, which will be part of the transit. You can expect minor health concerns, and please don’t ignore the symptoms. The physical issues will vanish after Mercury goes direct. For the time being, you should focus on foreign collaborations and long trips. This is not ideal for both, so you should have alternative plans. Students and teachers will also have a lot of work, which can also get delayed. However, you will be more interested in prayer and meditation as well. This is an important time for those who work in the media-related domain.The transit of Mars is still in the sign of Sagittarius, which also shows some challenges in the relationships. It can be a personal or professional relationship; you must be careful with your partner. There are chances to meet your ex-lovers too. This is also a time to spend more energy at your work because there will be some complex projects. You will have important conversations with your managers as well. You can also expect some travel opportunities.

The weekly horoscope of Cancer shows some issues regarding finances as the Sun and Mercury is impacting the eighth house of finances. Mercury is retrograding so that you may lack some focus and analytical skills. So, there will be some financial challenges, and you should not be extravagant. There will be some discussions regarding loans and other financial instruments. It would help if you were very careful during such talks, as retrogression time is unsuitable for decision-making. Arguments with your partners also will be part of this phase. This is also a favourable time for part-time projects during this time.The transit of Mars through the sign of Sagittarius is impacting the workplace. There will be a lot of complex projects, or your work will be very difficult, and you have to manage it well. This situation can bring conflicts at work, and please try to be patient with your colleagues. You may feel like getting a new job or changing the work environment out of pressure. However, this is not a safe phase for that as well. Your physical health is also important, and this is a time to take up new health care plans. Your diet will be the most important during this time.

This is a very important phase for your relationships and business ventures. The annual solar transit has entered the sign of Aquarius, impacting the seventh house of relationships. Mercury is retrograding, and that l brings your old friends back to you. However, it would be good to stay away from unwanted elements and better not to start any fresh deals with anyone. During this retrogression phase, you can expect arguments with your spouse or lover. Try to solve it; otherwise, it can extend for a long time, and later on, it will become unsolvable.The transit of Venus is impacting the sixth house of work, and Venus is in a slow down mode. You must stay away from all kinds of scandals and issues. There are some mental blocks, but this is the time to settle all those issues. The projects can get delayed, so you have to be very careful with them. Please try to understand the points of your colleagues. Otherwise, there will be blocks at work. This is not a great phase for accepting new job calls. Still, you can apply and wait for some time. The lower abdomen is very sensitive, and you have to take care of your diet.

The weekly horoscope for Virgos shows some challenges regarding children and youngsters. Mercury, your ruler, is in a slow down mode, conjuncting with the Sun. So, you may naturally go through some delays in your life due to the slow down move of Mercury. You have to be more responsible at work and with colleagues because there will be some clashes. Please take care of your electronic devices too. This is not a great phase for your health and work, so you need to be careful with these things during this phase.The transit of Mars through Sagittarius will bring real estate deals during this time. Real estate deals, repairing, and relocation is seen. You may have to be very careful with your relatives. They can have a different opinion. At the same time, you may have to keep a balance between home and work. You will be upset with family members too. Please don’t let it take a serious turn. You also have to be careful at work as there will be some arguments. Those who work in sports and administration will have a lot of work.

The weekly horoscope of Libra shows a lot of focus on your children and youngsters around you. There will be new projects from the creative domain, and you need to prepare for that. Due to Mercury’s retrogression, you will make some mistakes, so you will have to cross-check the authenticity of the projects. Those who work in arts and entertainment will have new projects. You will be spending more time with children and young groups as well. This is a time to meet with your friends from the past and reconnect with them. However, you can expect some arguments in the love life as well.Venus, the planet of love, is in a slow down mode that will impact your home and family. You will be spending a lot for family matters. There will be some real estate deals, but you can expect some delays. Please be patient with the delays, and during retrogression time, the delays are quite natural. This is a challenging time for your family members, as they will have some concerns. You will be meeting with your relatives as well, and there will be family meetings too.

Martian transit through Sagittarius will impact the neck to hand area. You can naturally expect some issues in these areas, but that will be part of the transit.

The annual solar transit is impacting the fourth house of home and family. The Sun is conjuncting Mercury, and that will impact your real estate deals. Retrograde Mercury will bring delays in the real estate deals. Both the planets are not ideal for representing family matters; then, there will be arguments at home. Your family and personal life are getting triggered. That will bring a lot of events in person as well as family life. Family meetings, real estate deals and renovation can come up. You may have more interaction with elderly females. They can be very demanding. Travelling from home and meeting with family members is also seen.Martian transit is impacting your financial matters, and there are certain challenges. Mars itself is the planet for debts, so there will be financial needs and unexpected expenses. There will be some expenses as well, and you should control that. You may try to spend on unnecessary things, and that may bring some challenges later on. You will try to improve your worth, but you can get into some arguments during this time. Please avoid any complicated issues.

The weekly horoscope for Sagittarius shows eventful days due to the presence of Mars in your sign. So, make use of this opportunity to make a lot of progress during this time. You should use this time to get a new love relationship if you are already committed to using this time to influence your partner in a healthy way. This is a time for new beginnings. New relations, new projects, and new duties may come up, but you have to work hard. However, the transit can also bring emotional issues, and you will have to control your anger.The solar transit entered the sign of Aquarius, and Mercury is conjuncting the Sun. Mercury is in a slowing down, so you will have some challenges from your ventures. There will be some confusion in the day to day activities, so you have to think twice before you do anything. This is a busy time as there will be a lot of work from communications and media related domains. This week, there are chances for minor physical issues related to the hands to the shoulder area. Arguments with siblings and neighbors are also possible. Short and long trips will also be part of this week.

This is a very important week for Capricorn natives as Venus is moving in a slow down mode through your sign. This planet is in a slow down mode, so you may generally have discomfort. However, this move will trigger the beauty and aura in you, which will attract people towards you. Even though Venus is in a bad mode, this is a small opportunity for you to meet and influence people. So, make use of this opportunity. You may meet people from the past, and that will encourage you. New relations, new projects, and new duties may come up, but this is not a great time to start new projects.The transit of Sun and Mercury is showing concerns regarding money matters. Retrograde Mercury is a little unstable, and there will be some challenges regarding your financial matters. You will get gains, but expenses also will be part of this phase. Try to be frugal. Otherwise, there will be financial issues in the long term. During this phase, you may get interview calls, but they may not always be genuine. Lending and borrowing can also come up, but you should not overdo them. You should be very careful with the quality of work you do.

The annual solar transit will enter your sign, which is time for revelations and realizations. The Sun is conjucnting Mercury, and Mercury is slow down. So, you will have to move carefully, and the slowdown will bring delays and obstacles. You will try to get new projects, but please think twice before joining them. These projects can be for your personal as well as professional life. You will find some new beginnings, which will be a little complicated.The transit of Venus is in the sign of Capricorn, and it will impact your emotional and physical health. Venus is slowing down, so you will have a lot of concerns regarding work and health. You may meet people from the past. Still, this is not the time to take them back into your life. This is a good time to go for pilgrimages and other spiritual activities. That will help you to be peaceful and satisfied. The universe will be sending signals through the dreams.
The weekly horoscope for Aquarius also shows some opportunities from the team settings and collective projects. Mars is moving through the sign of Sagittarius, which will impact your long term plans. This will give you important events in team ventures and collective projects.

The weekly horoscope of Pisces shows a lot of focus on your career as Mars is impacting the sign of Sagittarius. You will have a lot of work, and those projects will be very complicated. Projects from international organizations are also seen. Mercury and Venus are in a slow down mode, so there will be some challenges too. You have to be more responsible during this week, especially at your work. Mars will be impacting your home and family, too, so you can expect family-related events as well. They can be real estate deals, renovation or relocation as well. Please don’t forget to balance between home and work too.Venus is impacting the sign of Capricorn, and this planet is also in a slow down mode. You may meet people from the past, and they can even be your ex-lovers. This is a time to work on long term projects, and if you are not careful, there will be a lot of rework. You may get new offers, but you don’t have to trust them blindly. Most of such offers may not always be genuine, and you may get into losses. This is a good time to rearrange your projects. Venus will end its slow down very soon; you have to wait until then to take up new plans regarding collective projects.

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