Let us study the Transit of Venus in Gemini from 13th July till 9th August 2022

Aries: Make you religious, benefits from travelling, marital relations will improve. Passion will grow. But avoid too much of Eating habits, pomp and show . Fate will improve. Better communication n confidence. Multiple income sources.

Taurus: Best time for you lots of money will come through gambling, Multiple sources of happiness, respect higher positions and responsibilities. Winning through legal battles. Secret relations are possible.

Gemini: Balle balle time for you. Partnership business will grow. Chances of getting married. Romance will grow. Good for name and fame. Love life may start and business tie-ups will also grow. Sudden gains. Foreign relations will give gains. PR is possible.

Cancer: Laabh will grow, property may grow, but expenses and investments will also grow. Good time to invest money for long term. Opposite sex will attract you. Be careful with new relations. Keep your secrets do not disclose out of emotions. People may ask for loans so do not give money out of haste. Chance of loss of money. Distant journeys possible.

Leo: you will get lot of benefits gains post 13th july. Career will grow. Positivity will enhance. Good for travelling. Wirk hard as positive result is confirmed. Benefits from Govt. Good news is sure. Love life lottery and image will give benefits. Some golden opportunity.

Virgo: Good time. Fate will improve. Pending works will resolve. Hard word will pay. Money matters will resolve. Property gains. Chance of getting new job.

Libra: Formation and benefits from secret relations and chances of getting secret money. Respect and professional situation will improve. Fate will improve. Success will come and religious inclination will also grow.

Scorpio: Be careful with travel, avoid travel take care of marital relations.
New relations will be formed but old relations will be at risk. Be careful, Avoid risk. Chance of success from foreign relations. But just check well before getting into new projects. Your old relations need care.

Sagittarius: Success in court n legal matters multiple income of sources financial growth, good opportunity.
New projects, fame and time is good utilize it.

Capricorn: Take care of new relations. Do not make relations blindly. Do not reveal your secrets. New romantic relations can be dangerous. Foreign benefits. Not good in business. Be loyal in relations. Extra marital relations possible. Go safe.

Aquarius: Lots of money, money through gambling. New person will come in life. New relations will give happiness. Good period by all means. Good fate. Chance of getting property. New job, fortunate time. Make the best use.

Pisces: Add on responsibilities. New purchases, new gazettes, take care of eating habits. Avoid unnecessary expenses. Party time but health needs care.

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