December, 2022 Horoscope

Aries horoscope December, 2022
The last month of December has a lot of surprises; multiple planets are forming trines, squares, and sextiles with others. This is the time to make a long story short through these heavenly aspects. Venus, the charmer of the zodiac, is making the maximum aspect this month. The conjunction of Venus with the Sun and Mercury will spice things up. By the end of December, Mercury, the messenger of the zodiac, will start its three weeks long retrogression, which will make the month a little complex as Mars is also in a retrogression. This impact will be visible only by January, but December has its highs and lows. The first half of December will see plans for long trips and new business plans, and your interest in studies will develop.
The second half of the month will boost your confidence as Jupiter, the planet for luck and spirituality will come into your sign. You are getting into a great phase to learn and advance in your life. This transit will be a blessing in disguise, and for the next year, you are here to learn and advance. This longer transit will just start and will take time to intensify. The martial slowdown is slightly out of hand, so you have to take care of your speech, and there is nothing wrong with being silent. You must have a plan B for travel purposes, as the retrogression asks you to move slowly.
On the twenty-first, the Sun will move to Capricorn, square Jupiter in Aries. The heavenly square of Mercury and Venus from Capricorn to Neptune in Pisces will bring the career into focus, and you have to get your act together. These squares and sextiles show the career will grow through sheer hard work. You are here to go back to the drawing board to improve your career. The universe is not that kind enough to make an easy way, so work hard.

Taurus horoscope December, 2022
December will witness massive transformations, and the end of this year will show you that better late than never. Multiple squares, conjunctions, and trines make life like a roller coaster ride, and let someone off the hook and take the rein in your hands. Most of the events will be like the continuation of November as Mars is still in its backward motion triggering your finances. Neptune will turn direct on the third, and Venus will oppose Mars, accompanied by the Sun and Mercury. These energies are surely scattered by getting your act together and ready for the month. Keep an eye on your finances as they can be in a regressive mode, and you should not scrape the barrel. Keep an ear to the ground to the ground and avoid all unauthorized money matters. Take care of your food intake, control your expenses and save a bit. The speech can trigger others.
The universe is rolling through time, and Jupiter has completed its year-long stay in Pisces and is all set to enter Aries. You had some team-related changes during the transit through Pisces, but for the next twelve months. The time is slightly complex, so you should not boil the ocean; otherwise, you will risk your future. Stay grounded, be spiritual, and be a bit philosophical; that will be a great investment during this mighty transit. However, you should not make matters worse, but this is the time to improve your personal life and search for peace and solace.
On December twentieth, the heavens will push the Sun out from Sagittarius, and Venus and Mercury will accompany the king of the zodiac in Capricorn in the adjacent days. The Sun will be Jupiter, so prepare for some travel, study new things to improve your career, share your knowledge and explore new horizons.

Gemini horoscope December, 2022
The month will start with the planet for relationship Venus opposing Mars in Gemini, so you will continue the pursuits to improve the relationships. The struggles in November will continue until the second half of December, and you are on the ball. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus are sailing through the last degrees of Sagittarius during the first half, and you should pull yourself together and be ready for the adjustments. Being a Gemini, Mercury rules you, and Mercury will be squaring Neptune, and it may bring illusionary ideas about your relationship, but you should be realistic. The skies are a little turbulent after a series of the eclipse, and Mars is retrogression. Your ruler Mercury also will start its slowdown mode, so there are a lot of hurdles to overcome in the coming days.
The full moon in the first week has much to do with your relationship as it will trigger the first and seventh axes. This moon will bring perfections but is a twisted mode as it is conjunct retrograde Mars. Dramatic developments are waiting, and the full moon course will last six months. After its full moon, the moon will sextile Uranus in Taurus, giving you an aesthetic feeling, and you will be drawn to culture and arts. You can start something regarding the family, like getting engaged or married to start a family. The full moon asks you to start a relationship or calls it quits. This is the month for bargaining, mediation, and negotiations.
In the latter part of December, you will communicate more about money as Mercury in Capricorn Trine Uranus in Taurus. The solar transit will follow the Mercury and enter Capricorn on the twenty-first. From there onwards, you should follow strict discipline as money matters can be complex, so leave no stone unturned to make yourself financially stable. Loans, taxes, and insurance-related issues may surface, and it can cause arguments too.

Cancer horoscope December, 2022
Get ready to embrace the divine energies when your ruler rises in Gemini. Whenever the moon rises in the Gemini Sagittarius axis, you will be like looking within for meaningful life. You are withdrawing, but this is temporary, but this is not the time to hit the road. Nip all the sorrows in the bud; you will do that for the best. Moon will trine the Sun, generating the need for better health care. The moon will travel from Aries to Gemini, and conjunct retrograde Mars, and the transit through December will witness you going for spiritual meetings. Meeting lonely people and a hospital visit. Some foreign collaborations. The full moon will bring completions, and you should move on. Making new decisions would not be a good option.
The universe is not yet settled down after the series of eclipses, so you need to stay out of the dramas. The Sun-Venus conjunction will be active until the twenty-first, so you must be realistic. The doors will slowly open as Neptune, the god of the seas will turn direct on the first week, and Venus will have a trine to Neptune. The love life is already at stake, but it will soon improve. You need to wrap your head around something. However, for the time being, prepare well for your daily work, do your projects effectively, and keep your resume ready. Some arguments with colleagues will be normal, and you do not have to cry over spilled milk; take it easy, but do not trigger anyone.
You will go through a packed month with multiple trines, squares, and trines, so you need to fasten your belt before you jump into the war front. From the third week onwards, your love life will improve, and being single will be like going around and floating on a boat. New relationships, bargaining, mediation, and negotiations will be rocking December.

Leo horoscope December, 2022
The last month of December will mostly work in your favor, but the natal chart should be examined. The entertainment activities are on, as the Sun, Venus, and Mercury will be transiting together until the tenth of Venus. Venus will square Neptune in Pisces, and there will be an immense desire to go around and meet people will there. This is a brilliant month for singles to reach out to like-minded people. Multiple trines, squares, and conjunctions are occurring, spurring your creative juices to show off to people are proclaiming you are a creative person. Over say, you will find how exciting it is to explore new avenues of creativity, and all things happen for a reason. The level of trust which you have in yourself will develop. Still, you should get your act together.
Love is in the air, but it’s natural to have difficult days and good days in love. Until the tenth, Venus, the planet of love, will send its rays on the single Leos, but the promises should be kept in check. It is not very to get into serious love when the Sun conjuncts Venus, so take everything slow and wait until Venus reaches Aquarius. Mars, which is still in retrogression through Gemini, which rules the eleventh house, and you will know some long-term relationships are not helping to grow, so it’s good to call it quits. The Fullmoon on the seventh will push you to the close of the chapter; the rest is your decision. Long-term projects will be your focus, but it takes more effort to maintain them.
Coming to an end in the third week of the month, you will see the Sun step into the top of the natural zodiac wheel, Capricorn, which means the sixth house of your horoscope. The monthly horoscope of Leos shows working with children, spending time with them, and just being happy-go-lucky, but things will change during the second half because you have to burn the midnight oil at work and maintain your health.

Virgo horoscope December, 2022
The midheaven is highly triggered throughout the month as Mars, your ruler, is in retrograde mode as well as at home. The fourth and tenth axis is highly triggered by the full moon and stellium formed by the Sun, Venus, and Mercury. The heavens are settling down after the troubling eclipses; you also have to play the role set by the divine energies. Like the last month, Mars, the warrior of the zodiac, will be in the slowdown mode and the career front need more care. Beware when you get a new job call, as it may not be genuine, and there can be some frustration from your work. You should not call it a day, but you must work hard to make corrections to the projects. Leave the complex conversation at work, as this is the month to listen than talk.
The stellium will push your focus at home, but Venus is opposing Mars, and the conjunction of the Sun and Venus is not so great. You and the family members may blow hot and cold, and the situation may not be very sweet due to opposition. Take time, be silent, understand the need of the family members, and try to prioritize them. The stellium means stress and can elevate an issue regarding property, construction, and renovation. By the seventh, there will be the culmination of the issues at home and work.
On the twelfth, the Sun will sextile Saturn in Sagittarius, and this harmonious aspect can be like a saving aspect. By the third week, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury will move into the creative sector, showing you that even though you are a stubborn earth sign, you can also be like a creative person. Mercury, your ruler, is all set to move into a slowdown mode during the last day of December; until then, it’s time to celebrate, meet with like-minded people, spend some time with the children and set the foundation for a creative project.

Libra horoscope December, 2022
The wheel of time is spinning so fast through seasons bringing changes to everyone despite their age. Your ruler Venus will be on the axis of the full moon, which will trigger the third and ninth houses. Every month has a full moon which brings the completions; this time, the endings will be in your projects and work opportunities. The endings can also be like you ending some projects and going to start a new one. The stellium means stress, and you will have pressure due to work, travel and brainstorm. You will be mostly on calls, online meetings, and exploring your literary skills. Good things come to those who wait, so be patient with your siblings, social media activities, and neighboring communities. It’s time to bounce back, move around, and learn a little technology.
Mars will be like a bad boy due to its retrogression and will conjunct the full moon, and that is not great news for your foreign travel. So, you better have a plan B, as retrogression will bring situations like your back against the wall. Learning and skill development will be your focus throughout this month. Mars is not going to settle down this month, so better if you do not like to be so outgoing but stretch your focus to be a spiritual being. To be in the safe zone, you must explore your spiritual side as there are chances for reading such texts, upskilling with new lessons, and interacting with people from foreign locations.
The latter part of the month will witness you focusing on your family matters; you need to look at the need of all the members. They will be needy and emotional and have financial needs too. On the seventeenth, Mercury will be trining Uranus which is in Capricorn, which will bring a communicative environment home; it can be about a real estate deal or situation at home.

Scorpio horoscope December, 2022
We have reached the last phase of this year, and December shows you the importance of your financial axis. Mars, your ruler, has been in retrogression mode since October and will continue for the next forty-plus days, so the time is not so great. Good things belong to those who wait, so please have patience, and scrape the barrel. The month of December will start with Venus opposing Mars, and this opposition indicates chaotic situations about love and marital life. On the same day, Mercury will square Neptune in Pisces, so the first week may not be an easy transit, you think, so you should not burn the bridges.
On the 7th, the full moon will conjunct Mars in Gemini will be like ending your partnerships and some financial deals. How about ending all the headaches at once, this is a turning point as you will feel like making more money, but due to the retrogression, you are clueless. In that case, please do not boil the ocean. Cut off the expenses, and wait until Mars moves direct in January. Repayment of a loan, setting up tax, or other loans will be pushed by the conjunction of the moon.
With the transit of Sun to Capricorn, you will become busier, moving here and there. The Sun will square Jupiter in Aries, expanding your work, and you may have to prioritize your work on the twenty-first. The Sun will conjunct Venus and Mercury for the rest of the days, and you will be gathering information, and you should not be up in arms due to your busy schedule. Meetings with siblings and communication with small communities, working on projects from teaching and counseling. In the tropical zodiac, Jupiter will mark its entry to the fire sign of Aries on the twentieth, and for the next year, you will be taking a big leap amidst the struggles.

Sagittarius horoscope December, 2022
December belongs to Sagittarius as the heavens are opening their vaults to bless you as this is your solar return time. This is a very special month, and the full moon will rise in your seventh natal house of Gemini. Your ruler Jupiter will be moving into Aries on December twentieth. This move in the tropical sky will bless you to enjoy the good results of your past deeds. You will have a fun time, your creative energies will surge, and people will notice that. This supportive transit will bring good news to childless couples, and parents will find more happiness with their children.
However, the month will start with a planetary turbulence of Venus opposing Mars, which will directly reflect your relationship sector. This celestial push will bring some chaos in your personal life, so do not try to judge the book by its cover. The moon will trine Uranus in Taurus, so you have blocks to clear, as there is something that comes up in a daily mode. Please release your stress and be flexible, and you will not feel left out in the cold. The stellium in Sagittarius will remain until the tenth. Venus will slip down to the earth sign of Capricorn, which will eventually make you focused on yourself and your relationship. This is a month to negotiate, mediate and bargain too. You don’t want to hurt yourself. Instead, you want to be charming and attractive.
The conjunction of Mars and full Moon has the same thing to say, that you will be focusing on relationship. Still, this conjunction is a bit turbulent, so by the seventh, you will complete some formalities in ending a project or solving an issue in the relationship. The full moon will mark the endings, and you must be prepared for that. Being a Sagittarius Lagna, you are prone to unrealistic optimism and happiness, but you must keep them in check. By the twentieth, the Sun will move on to Capricorn which will boost your finances, but remember this transit can also bring expenses.

Capricorn horoscope December, 2022
The month will be starting with Venus in Sagittarius opposing Mars, Mercury in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces. Besides this, Venus will be sextiling Saturn in Aquarius, so the day one of December will be very much happening and the changes will be visible throughout the first half of this month. The harmonious aspect of two friends, Saturn and Venus, will push you to plan better, which will help you plan well for your solar return. The first day of this month can be a little chaotic due to the opposition of Venus and Mars. It will reflect in your subconscious mind, so until December tenth, you are not supposed to take new steps, instead “hit the sack ‘ nourish your mind, feed your soul with spiritual energies until the solar transit enters your natal first house.
November was a tiring month due to the oppositions and combustion, and for the major days the Sun was in difficult houses, but from the third week, the situation will get better. Still, Mars will be conjunct with the moon on the seventh you are to be careful with your workplace and health. It’s normal to feel under the weather, but you should not ignore your health. Completion at work, some face off with colleagues, all will come your way. This Mars and Moon conjunction asks you to be patient to find the best.
On the twenty-first, when the Sun moves to your sign, you will focus on personal growth with the support of Venus and Mercury. Too much learning, and you will advance in your life, and there will be a busy environment altogether. You will feel like breaking the barriers, even though you do not like the changes. You need rest and motivation for the next thirty-plus days, so you will seek new beginnings and people to add spice to your life.

Aquarius horoscope December, 2022
The December horoscope reveals a lot about your desires and goals as the natal eleventh and fifth house will be the axis of the full moon. It is time to set some long-termlong-term plans, but there are certain blocks due to the Mars retrogression and the conjunction of the full moon with it. A major part of this month will raise many questions regarding your future, but this month will begin with a faceoff between Venus, and Mars will be like adding insult to injury. So, you must refrain from socializing too much in the first week. On the seventh, the full moon will conjunct Mars and it will trigger the axis of the fifth and the eleventh house. This is an intimation from the universe that you should not let anyone take a toll on your long-term projects.
How are you going ahead with your creative projects? Do you have a vision, or are you just into somehow managing things, so better you make solid plans when the stellium of the Sun, Venus, and Mercury stay together in Sagittarius. However, you would not get the time to set everything as well as when Venus is part of the stellium. You will be with youngsters, children and like-minded people during the first half of the month.
The Sun will start triggering Capricorn, which will be an emotional phase, but in the twenty-second, Venus will trine Saturn, which will be a peaceful phase, and this harmonious aspect will be like a fresh breath of air. Prayer, spiritual trips, and foreign travel will be the USP of December, and there is nothing wrong with withdrawing from the front and making some plans for your future. Please do not “Scrape the Barrel,” as humans cannot control everything in the universe.

Pisces horoscope December, 2022
Your ruler Jupiter will complete the one full circle through the tropical zodiac, and on the twentieth, it will enter the fire sign of Aries. This transit will take some time to be effective, so this is just information on what is happening in December. On December first, there is a complex opposition of Venus and Mars, which can be a little turbulent and directly visible the in the fourth and tenth axis of Gemini and Sagittarius. Your work and home are turbulent for most of the month, so you must deal with the challenges wisely. The home environment is a little turbulent, so do not scrape the barrel. Please control your emotions as Mars will conjunct the full moon on the seventh, which can bring out arguments at work, so please do your best in this situation.
Home-based changes, real estate deals. Work-related stress and new projects can all be possible during this month. You may find endings at work and home; it will also be regarding the family property. When the stellium hits the tenth house, you will be working on multiple projects, which is a busy time for you. The Sun and Venus conjunction is not favorable; when Venus moves out of this stellium, you will feel much better. Listen to your employers; job seekers should make the best effort to be in a good placement.
The third half of December will make you hopeful, but please do not be in a hurry, as good things come to those who wait. The Capricorn season will mark the beginning of new long-term ventures, and you will get gains in the coming days. The Sun cannot restrict its rays to nourish your long-term plans and goals, so get ready and fasten your belt to embrace the positive energy to achieve the goodness from team ventures and creative projects.